with Judy Talbot
MRSS/Dip. Tui Na

I began my journey into Shiatsu back in 1999 when I trained at the Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre in London. I subsequently qualified and became a member of the Shiatsu Society. The therapy is a deeply restorative and relaxing treatment which can help the body’s natural ability to heal.

It is carried out on a futon with the client fully clothed. Variable pressure is applied along meridians (energy pathways) together with a combination of more vigorous stretches and rotations. The origins of Shiatsu are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine as in acupuncture and combine with ancient Japanese massage techniques along with Western Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology. I have always enjoyed both receiving and giving Shiatsu as it increases all levels of connectivity throughout the mind and body.

I am also a qualified Tui Na (Chinese deep tissue massage) practitioner with a specialism in Sports Rehabilitation. Together with this therapy and having studied Reiki I and II, I like to incorporate this knowledge and these techniques within my treatments.
Meditation and yoga are a regular practice which enable my treatments to be more intuitive and focused on a deep, energetic level.
My working experiences have included areas of both Mental Health issues and Drug/alcohol Rehab.
Shiatsu can help treat many conditions such as:

-Stress and depression
- Digestive problems
- Migraines
- Joint and back pain
- Insomnia
- Hormonal imbalances

I am a registered member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) which is the main regulatory body for Shiatsu in the UK and hold a diploma in Tui Na (ITEC examined).

Initial treatments: £25 p/hr
Further treatmentst: £30 p/hr
Please contact me on 07855 332329
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 8am - 8:00pm
Unit 1,
Lower Centurion Works,
Lower Union Road,
Photos of beautiful South Devon reproduced by kind permission of Chris Iversen